art 203 history

art 203 history.

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Assignment Topic:

Discuss the impact of other cultures on Etruscan artists.

Instructions: Be sure to review the rubric below before working on your assignment.

This discussion aligns with Course Objective 2: Identify and discuss the purposes and functions of art.

This discussion aligns with Chapter 2 – Objective 2: Discuss how art can function as a commemoration of a specific event.

Assignment Grading Rubric
Content Question was not answered at all or was missing most of the information needed to cover the question or topic

0 Points

Question was answered but was missing some important information needed to cover the question or topic

4 Points

Question was answered completely covering most important aspects of the question or topic

8 Points

Number of Sentences Answer had only 1 sentence

1 Point

Answer had a minimum of 2 to 4 sentences

5 Points

Answer had a minimum of 5 to 7 sentences

7 Points

Cited, External Source Answer did not use an external source (source was not cited)

0 Points

Answer used an external source, but the source was not cited

2 Points

Answer used one external source, and the source was cited at the bottom of the post using a minimum of the title, author, and web link (if available)

3 Points

Grammar and Spelling Answer had four or more grammar or spelling errors

1 Point

Answer had 3 or fewer grammar and spelling errors

2 Points

art 203 history

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