BUS 622 Week 5 Discussion 3

BUS 622 Week 5 Discussion 3.

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Prior to beginning work on this assignment, review the Robert Cialdini – Pre-Suasion (Links to an external site.) video. In your Week 3 – Assignment 2 you completed the Personal Branding Activity Part 1 in which you submitted your LinkedIn profile.

The goal of this assignment is to elevate your LinkedIn profile. In Week 5 you have been learning about digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). This activity is meant to help your LinkedIn profile look more professional and make it effectively searchable. Your discussion post should be 250 words.

For this discussion,

  • Review the What Is SEO and How Does It Work? (Links to an external site.) video, which illustrates the importance of keywords and SEO strategies on LinkedIn.
  • Using what you have learned over the past few weeks in the course, enhance your LinkedIn profile page by incorporating the feedback, the pre-suasion idea, and SEO keywords in your profile.

Post the URL of linked in profile and describe the changes you made to your LinkedIn profile to upgrade it and how the use of keywords may help maximize quality views.

BUS 622 Week 5 Discussion 3

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