Business analysis

Business analysis.

it should be no plagarism.

1.Describe the concept of software as a service rather than a product. Is this an important trend? Why or why not?

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2. Explain the difference between horizontal and vertical application software. Suggest two examples of each type.

3. What are three typical reasons why companies develop their own information systems?

4. What are user applications? Suggest three examples that could boost user productivity.

5. What are main steps in the software acquisition process?

6. What is an RFP, and how does it differ from an RFQ?
7.What is the purpose of a benchmark test? Suggest at least two examples of benchmarks.
8.What is an evaluation model? How would you create a weighted evaluation model?
9.What decisions might management reach at the end of the systems analysis phase, and what would be the next step in each case?
10.Explain the relationship between logical and physical design.
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Business analysis

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