Case study analysis

Case study analysis.

Week 4: Shared Direction, Strategy, and Changing the Organization
Do you think mastering technology, being innovative, or possessing high qualifications will automatically make you a leader? It will definitely help you acquire a leadership position in an organization, but it may not necessarily make you a successful leader. To be successful, you need to be aware of the strategic issues of the organization. You also need to know what should be changed for the improvement of the organization.
This week, you will learn about the forces driving organizational change and the roles and responsibilities of leaders or managers of organizational change. You will also learn about the various elements of the strategic process of an organization and the flaws in this process.
In your initial posting, please address the following as a group:

Read and discuss the case.

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Analyze the change effort using Nadler’s integrated change agenda – values, governance, operating environment, operational performance, organization, strategy, and purpose.

Include any other important components you believe should be part of a complete case analysis.

Make a team recommendation on how Lars Kolind should proceed, given the resistance he is facing.

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Case study analysis

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