CIS 348 WEEK 7

CIS 348 WEEK 7.

Please respond to the following:

Your project sponsor has been impressed with your ability to manage this project. He has a project in mind for you when this project is over. The next project he has in mind for you involves another website migration, but this involves web servers that are hosted in data centers located in Hawaii, Toronto (Canada), Mexico City (Mexico), and London (Great Britain). This project will involve resources from these areas. He is concerned about how you will plan and manage resources from these areas, especially because they are in different time zones where residents speak different languages. What are some of the first steps you would take when selecting and managing a project team of this scope? Also, explain some of the benefits to having such a team. After posting your response, respond to at least one of your classmates’ response to the question.

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CIS 348 WEEK 7

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