CIS205 Human Computer Interaction

CIS205 Human Computer Interaction.

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Task 3 Requirements, Storyboarding, and Design Thinking

step 1


  1. IDEO and product redesign
                          1. Watch The shopping cart product
                          2. What does this redesign project tell you about innovation?
                          3. How can what you learned from IDEO help you focus your requirements analysis for your project?
                        1. Read ebook Chapter 5 on Requirements and Constraints
                        2. Watch
                        3. Watch

step 2

Constructing Design Informed Models

  1. Watch Storyboards, Paper Prototypes, and Mock ups
  2. Storyboard is all about tasks, not looks; convey what the user interface will help the user accomplish; what are the key points in time – this is not about art, but about communicating ideas; include a person who is using the interface in the storyboard. Watch video Creating a Storyboard
  3. Paper Prototyping – make a mock up of the prototype; the team uses markers, sticky notes, paper to show the interface; if you are doing this virtually, use a virtual whiteboard, Google Hangout, or other way to come together each with physical materials to make the paper prototype together. Watch video Paper Prototypes.
  4. Read Chapter 6 in ebook. Storyboards, Social Models, Usage Models, Task Models, Work Environment Models, Physical Models

step 3

Design Thinking

  1. Watch
  2. Watch
  3. Read Chapter 7 in ebook. Design vs Development; design paradigms; design thinking; design perspectives; user persona; ideation; brainstorming.
  4. Watch Becoming Leonardo: How Great Designers Think


Complete Exercise 6-4: A Social Model for a Smartphone. You will need to sketch out the social model that could be used for you and your friends. So it will need to meet your requirements.

The Complete Exercise 6-7: Usage Scenarios for Your System.

CIS205 Human Computer Interaction

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