college and career advising by grade level

college and career advising by grade level.

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the purpose of this 5 page paper is for candidates to analyze the college and career readiness needs of students during a specific age of development.(9th grade)

Based on your career plans, select a single K-12 grade level to focus on (9th grade )and identify an appropriate career development theory upon which to build a college and career advising plan. Detail what types of curriculum, lessons, activities, etc. you feel would be appropriate with this target group and, using theoretical references, explain why you feel each item is appropriate and necessary in this stage of college and career student development.

Outline of Sections

  • Explanation of grade level selected(9th grade )
  • Summary of career development theory
  • At least three ideas for college and career readiness to implement with direct connection to theoretical reference
  • Summary and recommendations for practice

college and career advising by grade level

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