Complete 10 slide Presentation on Social Media (M6 ASSIGNMENT)

Complete 10 slide Presentation on Social Media (M6 ASSIGNMENT).

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M6 Assignment

The M6 Assignment will have two parts.

Part One requires you to create guidelines for communicating effectively using social media. You will research what different organizations have created and also review what your own organization has created to ensure that employees follow the professional guidelines for communicating through social media on behalf of the organization. Your guidelines will be written in a report-style to your company’s CEO. If you are not currently employed, you can create a mock company in which to use for this assignment. Your report will be a minimum of two pages. Please include a cover page and a reference page with your report submission. You should use a minimum of four sources with APA formatting.

Part Two requires you to consider your own digital footprint and how your actions online will impact your professional career. You will create a PowerPoint presentation that includes the following elements:

  1. Discussion of which social media platforms you use and for what purposes
  2. Discussion of how social media impacts one’s ability to be hired by a company
  3. Discussion of what type of digital footprint you will create for yourself

The PPT presentation should be a minimum of 10 content slides (not including the cover slide or the reference slide). Include either speaker notes in the “notes” section in the slides or record audio on each slide. A minimum of two sources are required. Use APA formatting for all sources.

When you are ready to submit your slides and script, you must save your slides in a format with the slides on the top of a page, with the accompanying notes (your script) beneath each slide, as seen below.

Beware of GOLDFISH EFFECT _x000D_
Ww, g&5fsh do with Ota _x000D_
that an span g that's _x000D_
We _x000D_
fm all _x000D_
Mt grab _x000D_
trot In _x000D_
tp.t drill into it detail. _x000D_

Do not submit a PowerPoint file. Instead, print your notes pages to PDF, or export your presentation to Word, and choose the layout with “notes below slides.” I must be able to see both your slide and script on the same page; if not, your speech will be returned with a zero for a grade, and you will have one opportunity to revise.

If you are using Microsoft PowerPoint, see the article Print slides with or without speaker notes and for how to do this using Google Slides, see!topic/docs/NlKimlcNaaQ

Complete 10 slide Presentation on Social Media (M6 ASSIGNMENT)

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