Computer Science l

Computer Science l.

I’m trying to study for my Computer Science course and I need some help to understand this question.

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A number of things can happen on a project.

Sometimes things line up and you make progress.

Sometimes you don’t for a number of reasons.

Sometimes you just didn’t have time.

Sometimes you chose to use your time on other things, such as passing classes, or on other things, like entertainment.

Every week you are given 168 hours.

I would like you to spend some of that time to provide yourself an honest assessment of how your project is going.

First, give an honest assessment of how much time you have spent on your project this week.

It might be helpful to use a spreadsheet to keep track of what you are doing and when. I usually like to keep track of my time in 15 minute blocks.

I also want you to identify the things that you plan to get done in the next week.

Finally, please address what your biggest concerns are for meeting your commitments to yourself.

Please maintain documentation.

If you did a google search, a YouTube search, watched a Lynda video, or read a book, please keep track of this in your weekly report.
• (10 points) Give an account of how much time you spent on this project
• (10 points) Give an account of what you spent your time doing.
• (10 points) What part of your project did you complete?
• (10 points) What part of your project will you complete next week?

• (10 points) What are your biggest concerns about your goals for next week
• (10 points) Cite any sources from the previous week

Example of a Weekly Project Update: (Links to an external site.)

Computer Science l

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