Contemporary Indigenous health and well-being

Contemporary Indigenous health and well-being.


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1. The discussion should be supported by relevant literature (peer reviewed) and health statistics.

2. Your essay should have an introduction and a conclusion. NO headings.

3. You are NOT to use Wikipedia to support the discussion. Essays that do not just rely on the statistics presented in the Literature will attract higher marks.

4. It is expected that presentation of the essay and referencing will be in accordance with the Faculty guidelines. Marks will be deducted for incorrect referencing, and presentation (up to 10%).

5. The Referencing is to be attached and not to be included in the word count.

6. All late assessment submission to be submitted through the late assessment portal.

7. All documents must be in Microsoft word only, no PDF format – for the reason being there may be a discrepancy in your similarity report.


What is a peered reviewed reference?

Peer-reviewed articles/ references have been evaluated/edited by several researchers or subject specialist in the academic community prior to accepting it for publication. Also known as scholarly or refereed. Verify that a journal is peer reviewed (refereed) by looking up the journal title in Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory

You must ONLY use edited or peered reviewed sources.

How old can my references be?

Generally they need to be less than 5 years.

How many in text references should I make?

Usually 1 new reference for every 100 words, just remember if you are telling us a fact it needs to be supported by a peer reviewed article/ statistics.

How many overall references should I access?

There is NO minimum number of references required, but generally it should be a wide range of views to support your analysis and discussion.


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Contemporary Indigenous health and well-being

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