context project proposal and Annotated Bibliography

context project proposal and Annotated Bibliography.

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1.Annotated Bibliography

Please begin by re-reading AGWR pp. 239-242 on Source Evaluations and Annotated Bibliographies. You might also want to go to the “MLA Formatting and Style Guide from OWL” online to see examples of annotations and annotated bibliographies: (Links to an external site.).

Now, choose at least four (4) sources related to your tentative topic for your CP. These sources should NOT be the same sources that you evaluated in the 3 Source Evaluations assignment for Tuesday—they should be new, different sources, which means that you’ll probably have to do a fair amount of additional research related to your problem.

Create an annotation for each of these 4 (or more) sources. That is, summarize each source and articulate how you plan to use it for your own argumentative purposes. The questions on pp. 241-242 of the AGWR (and the sample annotated bibliographies from OWL Purdue linked to above) will be very helpful here.

My recommendation is that you choose a mix of different types of sources. For instance, you might want to write one annotation about a Popular Media/news source, since “such sources often poignantly capture the stories of the people most affected” by your problem (AGWR, 239). Perhaps you’ll then write two annotations about Scholarly sources, as well as an annotation or two about an Advocacy source and a Government source. After all, each of these types of sources will be useful for us in different ways in our CPs.

2. context project

Please submit a first draft of your CP introduction—2-4 paragraphs, 2-3 pages (double-spaced). You’ll want to include a tentative draft of your thesis in this introduction as well.

Since you’ll have done more research—see the Annotated Bibliography assignment—and more thinking about your problem by now, this introduction should be fairly different from the CP Proposal that you wrote for Tuesday. You can use some of the same language and information, sure. But this is the beginning of your essay, not a general summary/definition of the problem.

Note that your thesis can (should?) be more than one sentence long—it will probably be two sentences, perhaps even three. If you’d like to begin by using our problem-failure thesis model, great!

Also note that your introduction should do all of the following: 1) identify and describe a SPECIFIC problem; 2) locate this problem in a SPECIFIC place; and 3) quantify this problem with concrete data/statistics. You’ll probably also want to make an early appeal to other experts/authorities on your topic, as well as include a solid attempt at historical cause-effect analysis. Re-read the Sample CPs in Week 3 Overview for some guidance.

context project proposal and Annotated Bibliography

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