Critique discussion post below,wk 2.1 dj hmls

Critique discussion post below,wk 2.1 dj hmls.

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What are the pros/cons of employing a war-fighting approach to countering terrorism versus using a law enforcement approach?

There are several pros and cons to employing a war fighting approach to counter terrorism versus Using law enforcement. For example, in the United Kingdom there are several jurisdictions that local police have the right to do whatever they find is necessary to curtail terror attacks. However, with just police involvement they are sometimes not successful thwarting terror attacks as a report published found that in 2017 the UK suffered the deaths via terror attacks. These numbers could have been more severe if it wasn’t for the UK’s security forces and war fighting approach that thwarted at least one terror plot a month in 2017 (Dearden, 2018).

The UK’s internal security force is MI5, which protects against terrorism and espionage. They are the United Kingdom’s version of Mossad in Israel or the FBI in the United States. MI5 bridges the gap between the military intelligence apparatus and police force and are used to thwart terror attacks more efficiently than the police (Brodeur, 2018).

Critique discussion post below,wk 2.1 dj hmls

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