customer service training proposal research paper

customer service training proposal research paper.

Task: Imagine that your team of 4-5 people is attempting to get hired by a company to train its employees on Customer service. Develop a well-researched and engaging training program and write a proposal targeted at the imaginary “Vice President of Training” at your target company (Apple). Your goal is to show that you know a great deal about the training topic and that you can deliver a valuable training experience for a specific group of the companyâ€s employees. Carefully choose the company and the group of employees who will benefit from learning about your topic.
Real company of your choice: Apple
Topic: Customer Service
Your deliverable will contain two parts:
(1) a persuasive proposal designed to convince the VP of Training to hire you to lead a 15-minute training session (about 400 words)

a target audience for the training (what type/level of employee is the training designed for?)a
an introduction to the training topic—supported by research—that shows that you have a solid understanding of the topic and its relevancy to the company and target audience
specific goals for the training session (i.e., what will employees learn?)

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(2) an annotated bibliography showing the research youâ€ve done and the sources youâ€ve found. (5 annotated sources, about 150 words per source)
1.Summarize the content of the source (based on your purpose)
2.Evaluate the sourceâ€s credibility and quality
3.Discuss any limitations of the source, such as timeliness or biased views
4.Describe the usefulness of the source to your research (using first person — “I”)

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customer service training proposal research paper

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