Database Design Assignment with detailed explanation. 0% plagiarism.

Database Design Assignment with detailed explanation. 0% plagiarism..

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Task in this part is to, given an E-R diagram, identify the entities, attributes, keys, and relationships in the E-R model, and generate a corresponding formal written description in the format discussed in class.

Your tasks are:

ER diagram attached.

1. Given the E-R diagram on the following page, list the names of the entities, attributes, keys and relationships being used.

2. For each entity, give a formal written description, including all of its attributes and its key.

3. For each relationship, give a formal written description of both directions of the relationship, including its cardinality.

Submit a single document containing your written answers as your solution.


: Bagui & Earp Ch 1. (pp. 1-8), Ch2 (pp. 23-42),

3 (pp. 53-63) and


4 (pp. 73-78)

Ch. 1 (pp. 1-8) The software Engineering Process and Relational Databases – stop at “The Relational Model.“

Ch. 2 (pp.23-42) The Basic ER Diagram: A Data Modeling Schema – stop at “ER Design Methodology” (the one with examples, after “More about Attributes” section.

Ch. 3 (pp.53-63) Beyond the First Entity Diagram – stop at “Chapter Summary.”

Ch. 4 (pp.73-78) Extending Relationships/Structural Constraints – stop at “Many-to-Many (M:N).”


using Bagui & Earp 2nd Edition:Ch1. (pp. 1-8), Ch2. (pp. 20-32), Ch4. (pp. 67-80), Ch5. (pp. 101-111), Ch6. (123-128).

Note:It requires to submit a file.

Database Design Assignment with detailed explanation. 0% plagiarism.

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