Discuss at least four musical elements for each example

Discuss at least four musical elements for each example.

-3 to 4 pages (3 full pages minimum)

-The paper should include discussion of at least two specific musical examples.

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-Compose the paper in Microsoft Word.

-The paper should be typed in Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, and have 1” margins.

Additional Information

Musical Examples

-You may use any musical examples except for: a) musical examples discussed in detail in the textbook or on MindTap, or b) musical examples that you have discussed in an initial post or response post to a classmate.

-You may use musical examples by an artist or performer discussed in the textbook/MindTap or in your discussion posts, but the musical examples that you discuss in the essay must be different from ones discussed in the textbook/MindTap or your discussion posts.

Paper Length

-Each paper should contain at least the minimum number of full pages, excluding the title page, bibliography, and any appendices. Paper 3 should be at least three full pages in length. You are welcome to exceed the recommended paper length for any assignment.

Citations and Works-Cited Page

-The paper should include at least three references (in addition to the textbook). Also include entries for each musical example discussed in detail (performer, title of piece, and link).

-Each paper should contain in-text citations throughout the text of the essay and a works-cited/bibliography page at the end of the paper.

-Citations for the main musical examples should be included in the text and listed on the works-cited page as well. Include the title, name(s) of the performers, and link for each of your main musical examples.

-You may use any standard format (APA, MLA, Chicago Manual of Style, etc.) for footnotes and endnotes as long as you keep the same style throughout the paper.

Objectives for Writing Assignments

Clear opening and closing paragraphs

-Topic sentences for each paragraph

-Transition sentences between paragraphs and topics

-Presenting a sequence of material that supports a central thesis

Organizational Framework for this Paper

I. Opening paragraph (approximately 1 paragraph or half page in length)

*Includes thesis statement, overview of essay, and mentions the two specific musical examples to be analyzed in detail.

II. Cultural/Historical contexts

a. For Paper 3 (1-2 paragraphs)

b. Focus on general historical and political contexts

c. Do not discuss musical issues in this section.

III. History of musical genre

a. For Paper 3 (1-2 paragraphs)

b. Focus on the history of your musical genre and major elements of musical style associated with the genre.

IV. Analysis of musical selections (two musical examples)

-At least two specific musical examples

-Write at least one paragraph of analysis for each example

-Discuss at least four musical elements for each example

V. Concluding paragraph (approximately one half page)

VI. References (on a separate page; see details below).

Suggested Topics for Paper Three





Intersections of Music from the Caribbean with Popular Music in the United States

Mariachi music

Tejano music

Samba/Bossa nova

Intersections of Music from Latin America with Popular Music in the United States

Traditional/Folk Music of China

Peking opera

Enka music

Shakuhachi flute music

Popular Music of Japan

Traditional Music of Japan

Intersections of the Music of Asia with Music from the Western Hemisphere

Submission Instructions

· Save the file as “yourname_paper3”

· While inside the drop box area, click the “Browse My Computer” button below to upload your assignment as an attachment.

· Once attached, click the “Submit” button.


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Discuss at least four musical elements for each example

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