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Choose ONE question. Respond in a well written one-paragraph or more response.

After responding to a question (from either reading), you will respond or “respond to” one peer’s response. Your response should be a well written one-paragraph or more response.


1. In what ways is “Wildwood” a coming of age story?

2. Do you find Lola a relatable character? Why or why not?

3. What do you think is the theme in “Wildwood”? Is the theme universal

“A Rose for Emily”

1. How does the timeline affect readers’ understanding of the plot? Is it chronological?

2. How do matters of race, class, and gender show themselves in the story?

3. What clues does Faulkner give regarding the resolution of the story?


Mays, Kelly J. The Norton Introduction to Literature: Portable 12th Edition. New York: Norton, 2017.


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