DM Leadership paper

DM Leadership paper.

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Leadership Paper

Research a current Leadership issue that relates to decision-making in healthcare and prepare an analysis to be discussed via class written scholarly 3 page paper excluding title page, abstract, Body, conclusion and reference page. Proper apa format

references must be peer reviewed articles up to 7 years old

I will like to focus on the following issue

(the following content is copied from internet) just to give you and overall idea of the topic


Currently, the healthcare industry is facing a growing shortage of skilled and qualified workers. The shortage is especially significant in occupations like nurses, nursing assistants, imaging technicians, and pharmacists. The graduation rates of students in these fields is unable to meet the rising demands. As the industry grows, the biggest challenge the industry will face is finding the right candidates to fill the projected 2.3 million jobs. These shortages will impact the industry growth and affect costs due to the competitive labor market.

Understanding the labor market is vital for healthcare leaders. They will have to learn how to attract and retain qualified talent. Many leaders will also have to manage the rising labor costs without negatively impacting business. When teams are short staffed, leaders will have to rise and help their teams effectively navigate the challenging times.

DM Leadership paper

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