Economics Research Paper Proposal

Economics Research Paper Proposal.

I’m working on a Economics question and need guidance to help me study.

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I want a proposal about gender disparities, and it needs to be more specific, such as gender disparities in working career.

How to find resource:

The purpose of this handout is to show you how to

  • search for articles in the database EconLit
  • find cited references in Social Sciences Citation Index
  • finding and assessing information on the web

Before we tackle the topics above here is some background information.

A working paper or discussion paper is a paper that is in progress. The author is still working on it and is posting it on the web in order to inform the community of his current work and to solicit feedback from other scholars. When posted, it has not yet been published by a journal although it may have been submitted to a journal for consideration. A reference to a published article will not be described as a working paper or discussion paper and it will have the name and date of the journal clearly listed in the citation.Please note that just posting a paper on the web does not constitute publication-anybody can do it. Scholarly publication means that the paper has successfully undergone a preliminary screening by a journal editor who may have rejected the paper for any number of reasons (poorly written, paper topic is inappropriate given the journal’s readership, fails to use standard methods for research investigation, no evidently new propositions, data set is parochial and of limited interest to the journal’s readership), but who requests several scholars experienced in the field to critically review the paper and to offer an opinion as to its suitability for publication. A critical peer review scrutinizes the reported research to assess whether or not the research passes tests that would include, but would not be limited to the following: (1) that its contents are correct, (2) that it contributes some new knowledge, and (3) that it assures some degree of originality and validity of the paper’s reported research results. Peer review means that several other scholars with experience rigorously investigating similar questions as posed in the submitted paper are asked to read and comment on the paper by the editor of a scholarly journal. The scholars selected by editors to review and offer an opinion as to the submitted paper’s suitability for publication are called referees. Their (referees’) reports are passed along to the authors of the submitted paper.This does not mean that you cannot cite a working paper or discussion paper-quite the contrary: such papers usually contain the most recent information available and have often been through a certain informal degree of refereeing by the author/s.

Economics Research Paper Proposal

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