Filter bubble

Filter bubble.

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Based on Pariser’s TED talk, El-Bermawy’s Wired article, and what you’ve seen as you use the internet yourself, what do you think of filter bubbles, or the increased personalization of search engines and websites? What are the benefits and drawbacks? Does one outweigh the other? Have you noticed (either before today or in reflection) that the filtered and biased information you receive makes it harder for you to see all sides of an issue? How do you see filter bubbles affecting our democracy as we move forward from the contentiousness of the most recent presidential election?

Also, consider the recent accusations by some politicians and political influencers that Google searches are “rigged” — in light of what you now know about filter bubbles, how might you respond to this?

Please post your intelligent and well-thought-out response. Then, please read and offer a substantial reply to at least two of your classmate’s responses. Your work for this forum is due by 11:59pm on Tuesday, January 21.

Filter bubble

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