First chapter of They Say / I Say,

First chapter of They Say / I Say,.

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By now, you’ve read the introduction and first chapter of They Say / I Say, and hopefully you’ve been thinking a little about how to effectively frame arguments. For today’s discussion forum, I’d like you to write a paragraph in the format that Graff and Birkenstein describe on a topic of your choosing.

Really — you can choose any topic you like. It might be something from current events or one that’s related to your field of study, or it can just be something you’re personally interested in.

Once you’ve chosen your topic, please create a new thread and write a paragraph that frames the debate according to the They Say / I Say model. You are welcome to use one of the templates provided in the book, though you don’t have to. The goal is to explain the ongoing conversation, present the major perspectives (the “they say” parts), and then offer your own viewpoint.

First chapter of They Say / I Say,

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