Hi, I need help with my class assessment.

Hi, I need help with my class assessment..

I’m working on a Computer Science question and need guidance to help me study.

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These are the questions and my subject is data science and big data analysis

I work as a Business Analyst so you can just relate the answers with this subject( data science and bi data analystics) and send me. it is pretty simple. it is a residency assessment and I need help to just finish it.

  • . Please Introduce your profession
    2. Introduce your professional background
    3. Relationship to profession: How does this course help you professionally?
    4. Key learnings: What are key learnings so far from the course?
    5. Expectations: What are your course expectations?
    6. Goals for Residency Session: What do you aim to get out of this residency session

Hi, I need help with my class assessment.

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