History hw multiple choice questions

History hw multiple choice questions.

I’m studying for my Political Science class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

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There are 8 multiple choice questions to solve and for each question yo choose the correct answer below the numbered questions

1) Labor + Resources = Labor + Resources =





pick one

2) How was power in the Continental Congress divided under the Articles of Confederation?

Each state’s votes were proportional to its population.

Each state had an equal vote.

The states were not formally represented in Congress.

Each state’s power depended on its geographical size.

pick one

3) Voting with the majority if a clear majority exists, otherwise voting your conscience describes which theory of representation?





pick one

4)Ex Post Facto means

Let the decision stand


Don’t tread on me

Tell me the truth

pick one

5) The state government of New Jersey is an example of what type of governmental arrangement?





pick one

6) Generally speaking, the mark-up of a bill occurs at what point in the lawmaking process?

a filibuster

Conference Committee

Sub-Committee action

Floor debate

pick one

7) Familiarity with self-government made the political break with England much easier for the colonists than the economic break.



pick one

8) Among other things, Shay’s Rebellion was

aimed at overthrowing an ineffective central government.

a resounding success.

a manifestation of the weakness of the Articles of Confederation.

the result of a border dispute between Massachusetts and Connecticut.

pick one

History hw multiple choice questions

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