HIV Vaccine Program —- Program Initial Executive Summary

HIV Vaccine Program —- Program Initial Executive Summary.

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2 full pages, MLA format.

This paper is one of the processes for my project. The project is to prepare a Business Case for a new healthcare intervention. The program I have selected or created is HIV Vaccine Program. An Executive Summary is ideally an overview of your program, which presents a concise and convincing argument for the success of your program concept. Your job is to expand on the idea information below to provide an initial executive summary for your program. More details attached! Answer all the questions in the attachment.

These are my general idea:

HIV Vaccine Program

•Offering: This is a product that protects individuals who do not have HIV from being infected with the virus, or treating an HIV-infected person.

•Customer: Everyone should get this vaccine to protect themselves from HIV and the HIV-infected people should get this as a treatment. People should get this vaccine at any pharmacy and hospital.

•Value Proposition: This product is important because HIV is a very dangerous disease and is uncurable so the HIV vaccine can protect individuals from being infected wit the virus.

•Substitutes or Alternatives: There are no substitutes or alternatives are currently being offered to provide that value to customers. This is the invention of a decade.

•People: Multiple professional research teams are required to start this project. All the team members should have thorough understanding of HIV and have done various research on the disease.

•Distinctive Competencies: My teams are one of a kind that are able to invent this vaccine that can help change the world.

HIV Vaccine Program —- Program Initial Executive Summary

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