Hospitality Marketing Online Course Discussion

Hospitality Marketing Online Course Discussion.

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Please reply to two of the questions (threads) and comment constructively on a classmate’s posting of your choice in any thread.

PART 1 – Reply to two of the questions

Question 1 – Hard Rock Café and Service Culture

Watch the video case of “Hard Rock Café Human Resources”. How does embracing the uniqueness of their employees affect Hard Rock’s culture and internal marketing?

Question 2 – What makes you a loyal customer?

Choose a hospitality or travel company to which you think you are a loyal customer. What are the reason(s) for your loyalty?

PART 2 – Comment constructively on a classmate’s posting

Here are two classmate’s posting from question 1 and 2. Please write comment for each one.

Question 1 – The Hard Rock Cafe strives on hiring employees that have their own uniqueness. In their mission statement they state that they want their employees to work in a fun, healthy and nurturing work environment. When employees like the place they work, they perform their job better. The Hard Rock has made itself known to have fun and friendly employees. They begin making their employees comfortable by letting them express themselves. They are welcomed to have tattoos and long hair as their uniqueness is what the Hard Rock loves. People are able to be more authentic when they can be express themselves how they want. It provides a more genuine experience for customers. Because their employees enjoy the workplace, turnover is half of the industry norm. Long term employees that want the place they work for to succeed are a companies best employees. The community in the Hard Rock is amazing. Employees want to help each other do well.

Question 2 – A hospitality company that I am loyal to is Dunkin’. I prefer to buy my coffee and breakfast foods from them over other coffee chains because I enjoy the rewards and the affordability. The app is also easy to use but I have encountered problems when ordering something that was unavailable and wasn’t notified until I picked up my order. There are also 2 locations along the routes of my usual commutes so it is convenient for me to stop by. I also enjoy ordering as I leave my home and knowing it will be ready by the time I get there without causing me delays to my destination. I hate waiting in lines, including drive-thru lines, so being able to pick up my order right away is very important to me. Being able to enjoy their coffee during my commute is something that helps me mentally prepare for the day. I also enjoy being a regular at those locations because it makes my experience more personable as I see the same faces every time and I trust they are taking care of my order.

Hospitality Marketing Online Course Discussion

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