I need help with my history written final Exam

I need help with my history written final Exam.

I need an explanation for this History question to help me study.

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I will be attaching a copy of the history final questions. All the questions are included there. Most of them provide you with 3 questions and ask you to choose the question that you are mostly confident with to write a good analysis and answer for it. PLease provide at least a 2/3 of a page paragraph or more if possible for each question. Go in depth as much as possible and provide good knowledge of the answer.

PLEASE go over the questions and make sure the answers are correct and right

You might need access to the course’s material in order to answer the questions

YOU WILL NEED to visit https://gcccd.instructure.com/courses/29613/assignments

and I will send you the log in info in private.

I need help with my history written final Exam

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