Ky Paper 2 The Myth

Ky Paper 2 The Myth.

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n a minimum of two pages, answer the following questions:

1.) First Impressions

2.) Essential Message

3.)What are your thoughts on the author’s assessment regarding racial superiority in sports? Do you agree or disagree with Kerr’s findings? Explain your answer.

4.)Explain the three theoretical frameworks in which the author use as a basis for refuting the claims of racial superiority posited by Jon Entine in Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We Are Afraid to Talk About It.

5.)Why has the genetic theory of Black athletic dominance been so difficult to debunk?

6.)What are some of the contributing factors that can determine whether or not if an athlete does well in a particular sport?

7.) Significance for African American culture through sports

8.) Points of agreement/disession

9.) Summary/closing

Ky Paper 2 The Myth

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