Leadership & Change – British Airways Case study – Discussion Board Post & 3 Responses

Leadership & Change – British Airways Case study – Discussion Board Post & 3 Responses.

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Review the case study on British Airways (Jick & Peiperl, 2011; attached the textbook pages pdf). The story of British Airways and its transformation provides an example of an organization muddled down with inefficiencies. Through its change efforts, British Airways was transformed into a customer focused and financially sound organization. Researchers have suggested numerous change leadership strategies in order to describe the turnaround of this global organization.

In light of the required reading for the week, discuss the following:

  • The critical factors in the successful transformation of British airways.
  • What do you think were some difficulties that may have existed through the change process?
  • What leadership dynamics were at work within the organization as it was undergoing change?
  • How was the transformation achieved?
  • How might you have taking a different approach if you were the leader of the organization if any?
  • Apply Biblical integration to support your response.

– Discussion forum are the online component of the class. As such, they are a collaborative team oriented method of learning the course content. As such, each student Will provide a direct response to the discussion board question posted in each forum. Responses are required to be at least 400 words, demonstrates graduate-level competency and critical thinking skill as related to the topic under discussion. Further, a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed articles are required for each initial discussion board response.

– Also, the student will respond to a minimum of three other learners and each reply will be a minimum of 300 words in length using at least one citations from peer-reviewed literature and one citation from the text book case study.

Once you finish the initial answer to discussion board questions about case study with over 400 words to post the response on the board, you will have to respond to three other posted responses of my classmates (which I will share later) with over 300 words. Hope this is clear and please accept if you’re okay with this.

Thank you!

Leadership & Change – British Airways Case study – Discussion Board Post & 3 Responses

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