Lit HW Help

Lit HW Help.

Can you help me understand this Literature question?

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One of the defining characteristics of both Old (Anglo-Saxon) and Middle (including Anglo-Norman) English texts is their thematic interest in THIS world as well as the NEXT. That is, these texts used characters, plots, settings, devices, and images of religion in order to offer a ‘truth’ for living in this the physical world, just as they used characters, plots, settings, devices, and images of the physical world in order to offer a ‘truth’ for living in spiritual grace. What I would like you to do, then, is to choose one Old English text and one Middle English text and explain how that is so. That is, choose one Old English text and one Middle English text (for a total of two texts) and show how each text blends both spiritual and earthly concerns in order to reveal a thematic truth for life (and living) in either/both realms.

Some guidelines:

  • Aim for two full paragraphs, each paragraph, I would suggest, devoted to one of the two poems.
  • Be sure to identify the title of the text (and remember, titles of poems use quotation marks, while titles of longer words use italics) in the first sentence of each paragraph
  • Also in the first sentence you will likely find it useful to state clearly the theme of the text, which will help guide your discussion
  • You will want to provide at LEAST one direct quotation from each text in order to support your theme/claim, though one or two more than that would be effective
  • Keep in mind that a quotation should never just ‘hang’ alone…that is, you must explain how/why it is important and significant support for your theme/claim
  • Avoid mere plot summary…this is analysis
  • Remember, these two paragraphs should be well-developed and filled with specific detail
  • Remain aware that such matters as punctuation, grammar, spelling, and style are not just courtesies but also requirements

I have set up this forum so you cannot read your classmates’ postings until you yourself have posted. Once you do, though, you will see what everyone else has said/will say, and I invite and encourage you to read their ideas and respond at will. Oh, and remember that you must type directly into the textbox…no attachments, please!

Lit HW Help

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