M3: Medibical Case Study

M3: Medibical Case Study.

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This assignment is a reflection on the Metabical Case Study in your Harvard Business Report Course Pack.

Based on the questions below, you should organize and present your case in a written report. In order to successfully complete this assignment, your report should:

  1. Succinctly define the situation (no more than 15-20% of the paper).
  2. Enumerate the options to be considered.
  3. Weigh each option’s positives and negatives.
  4. Declare your decision.
  5. Provide support for your decision.

Case Questions:

  • Who are the “ideal” target consumers?
  • How should each participant in the decision making process be addressed?
  • How could these participants best be reached?
  • What is the appropriate message for each?
  • What is the role of the “support program”?
  • What is the ideal rollout schedule for key integrated marketing communications activities?


In order to be successful on this assignment:

  • Make sure to adhere to all five of the guidelines in the instructions above.
  • Keep your response brief and succinct.
  • Keep to the following formatting guidelines:
    • no more than 1.5 pages
    • 1.5 line spacing
    • 12 point Times New Roman type
    • 1″ margin on the top, bottom, and sides

Note: please check the attachment for case study

M3: Medibical Case Study

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