Make a powerpoint on any book

Make a powerpoint on any book.

I’m working on a Powerpoint question and need guidance to help me study.

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Your task in this presentation is to tell us why you chose the book, what it’s about – including a


synopsis –and to engage us in your own investment in the book and, finally, respond to

audience questions. Classmates are encouraged to ask questions and to give comments.


The purpose of this assignment is to support the metacognitive learning objective of the course

syllabus and of the major, “to be able to reflect more clearly about your own intellectual

development.” Additionally, this assignment supports Seattle University and IDLS major objectives in giving you

an opportunity to develop your communication skills, independent decision-making and




: The presentation will be 20 minutes, which may include an additional 5 minutes for

student question and response. No presentation can exceed 25 minutes. Timing in presentations

is a professional skill worth practicing. In this case, you do


want to spend up all your minutes

giving plot summary. You must do this briefly and spend the majority of your time drawing us

into engagement with the book (and your choice of it).

Specific Criteria


Your grade will be based on




. Criteria include but

are not limited to the following.


: Do practice runs to nail this criterion.

Realistic time planning – Are you prepared to work within the time constraints?

Sensible arrangement of content – did you leave in and leave out the right stuff?

Know your stuff – Are you prepared to talk intelligently or are you winging it?


: Do practice runs to nail this criterion.

Time management/information pacing – Are you rushing? Have nothing to say?

Audience connection – Have you attempted to engage the audience?

Question response – Are you dismissive or gracious? Do you give thoughtful answers?

Style – Do you speak clearly, have eye contact, confidence, good comportment, etc.?

SELF EVALUATION PROMPTS (answer both, at least 75 words each – this must be submitted by the

next class session on Canvas):

From my perspective: What I did well… (75 words) AND What I could have done better… (75


Writing on how it went for you creates common ground between yourself and the professor. It is OK

to be honest in this self-evaluation. Even the most anxious students tend to do well grade-wise on

presentations if they have taken the whole process seriously.

LATENESS in submission results in a


Do submit your self-evaluation

on Canvas by next class session

Do a dry run

of your presentation several times

Do use notes

or note-cards to cue your points, but don’t just read

Do keep the presentation



Do have fun


Do not read

your presentation to us. Use notes if you like, but don’t just read them to

us. Look at us. Are you just going put your head down and read your notes the whole


Make a powerpoint on any book

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