Map analysis #9

Map analysis #9.

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After completing the reading assignment for chapter 13, examine 3 maps related to Africa after 1945. The first is a map of Africa & Asia in Chapter 12 of your book (map 3). Here is another map similar to the one in your book (Links to an external site.) but can be viewed in zoom, if needed. The second is a map of Africa (Links to an external site.) you have seen before from 1914. And the third is a map of Africa today (Links to an external site.).

Make sure you read the map titles and explanatory notations, then the position of borders, and the legend (or key).

Once you have examined the maps, write a response (150-300 words) that answers the following:

What patterns or trends do you see in the decolonization of Africa after 1945? What led to the rapid decolonization and how did the Cold war impact African boundaries? From what you see in the third map, how have African boundaries changed since the period of decolonization ended in 1975?

Map analysis #9

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