Module 2 Discussion Reflective Seminar

Module 2 Discussion Reflective Seminar.

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Instructions for this Discussion

Describe a previous experience when you learned something new.

As you describe the learning experience, answer the following questions.

  1. Did you have assumptions about what would be important during the learning experience?
  2. Did you have assumptions about the person who was teaching you?
  3. Were any of your assumptions challenged?
  4. Afterwards, did you feel that the learning experience made you change your mind completely about something, as in you found out you were wrong about something?
  5. Afterwards, did you feel that the learning experience made you revise a set of categories you had in your mind – either you had to include or exclude something new? (For this question, think of Kolb’s example of changing one’s set of items fitting into the category of “automobile” after seeing multiple examples; changing one’s understanding of what counts as “art” after visiting a museum).
  6. Finally, take your example of a new learning experience and connect that experience to the Events Model of Fiddler & Marienau.

Grading Criteria

Post your initial answers to the question prompts above and then respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts (with more than “I agree” and “Great post,” type comments). Be sure to post early so your classmates have time to comment on your initial post.


Module 2 Discussion Reflective Seminar

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