Parental Involvement

Parental Involvement.

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Chapter 6: Students of Families in Transition

Reread the In The Classroom: Divorce and a 5-Year-Old case study presented at the beginning of the chapter 6 (pg. 163) and respond to the following questions:

1. What characteristics of transitions have affected Emma and her family in a positive or negative way?

2. What should Tamika do that will be supportive of Emma, her parents, and her new stepmother? To whom should she communicate her concerns, and what would be the best communication method?

3. What strategies could Tamika use in her classroom to help Emma adjust to the transitions of divorce and remarriage?

Chapter 7: Families Overcoming Obstacles

Reread the In The Classroom: Out of School Supplies case study presented at the beginning of the chapter 7 (pg. 200) and respond to the following questions:

1. How could looking at the Wallace family from a strengths perspective help Clara collaborate more effectively with Keisha’s parents? What are the other strengths of the family besides what the principal listed?

2. How can Clara be more supportive of Keisha and her family in her education?

3. What are the ways in which a district or school, such as Kennedy Elementary, can support and ensure a high-quality education for all children in the district, including those who live in poverty?

Chapter 8: Families in Abusive Situations

Reread the In The Classroom: Sharing Crackers case study presented at the beginning of the chapter 8 (pg. 239) and respond to the following questions:

1. Should Kate report this situation to anyone? If so, to whom? What role do the school counselor and teacher play in these types of reports?

2. What other school personnel and community members should be involved in this situation? What school and community resources are available for Kate in working with Travis? What resources are available for Travis and his family?

3. Should Kate communicate her concerns directly to Travis’s mother? If so, what communication strategies would be best? How can she be supportive of Travis’s mother while also protecting Travis’s interests? As the school counselor or teacher, explain the support you would provide to the student and parent in this situation.

Chp6: In the Classroom: Divorce and 5 years old

Chp8: Sharing crackers

Chp 7: Out of School Supplies- will upload

Parental Involvement

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