Policy Issue Opinion Paper

Policy Issue Opinion Paper.

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+ The subject of your paper must correspond to the Unit Chapter 4 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights and chapter 9 Congress from the book We The People that is attached photo
+These papers do not have to be long – no more than 4 full pages (double spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman with 1-inch margins with MLA INTERNAL CITATIONS).

+ The paper must write about the issue happening nowaday and The sources must be from NPR News or NPR ONE

+Again, you will need to internally cite your sources as well as attach a work cited page.

The format for each paper:

Times New Roman

3-4 pages

(+ a Work Cited Page)



3 Minimum Articles

12-Point Font &

1-Inch Margin

MLA Internal Citations & Formatting

Policy Issue Opinion Paper

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