PowerPoint Presentation needed! (MUST BE DONE IN COMPLETE SPANISH)

PowerPoint Presentation needed! (MUST BE DONE IN COMPLETE SPANISH).

I’m trying to learn for my Spanish class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

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I need someone to make a Presentation on PowerPoint with a traditional Hispanic meal of these choices.

Pick ONE of the following recipes as your Hispanic meal to describe:

  • empanadas chilenas
  • sandwich cubano
  • torta tres leches
  • ropa vieja
  • arroz con leche
  • arepas


  • It must be 4-6 slides, each with a picture
  • If you do more than 6 slides, ONLY 6 Slides!
  • You must have a total of 10-15 sentences
  • Remember your sentences must correspond to the pictures/slides you share of the steps required to execute your recipe

Remember to watch your grammar and tense in your sentences. Remember that a sentence must have at least have a subject and verb. Remember to properly conjugate your verb and that subjects and verbs must agree. Finally, it must be completely done in complete sentences in Spanish. Accent marks, tildes, and any upside down question marks or exclamation points also count towards your score.

PowerPoint Presentation needed! (MUST BE DONE IN COMPLETE SPANISH)

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