Read the article and then answer four questions

Read the article and then answer four questions.

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1. Unlike attending U.S. public elementary, middle, and high schools, attending college generally requires paying tuition and fees. Many individuals in the U.S. carry significant student debt into their adult lives. What do presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders propose to do about student loan debt?

2. Based on the article, why might forgiving student loan debt boost the economy? Why might it not boost the economy?

3. The article raises other issues regarding which groups of people might benefit most from student loan forgiveness. Do you think cancelling all student loan debt would be fair? If so, why? If not, why not?

4. The article mentions potential moral hazard problems associated with forgiving student loan debt. What is the moral hazard problem the article discusses? If you thought there was some chance the government might forgive student loan debt in the future, do you think it would affect your (or your fellow students’) willingness to take out student loans now? Why or why not?

Read the article and then answer four questions

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