Rhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical Analysis.

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Step 1: Select an article to analyze

Choose a piece of writing that was written by a professional in Accounting and Finance major or a field that is closely related to the major. The text should be at least 3 pages long so that you will have enough material to analyze and write about.

Step 2: Analyze the article that you selected

As a preliminary step, before you actually write your paper, try to answer the following questions about the article you are analyzing:

  • What do you think was the author’s purpose in producing this writing?
  • Who was the intended audience?
  • What genre does it represent?
  • What style and tone did the author use? (formal, informal)
  • What rhetorical appeals did the writer use? (ethos, pathos, and logos) (see more in Rhetorical Strategies attachment)
  • What strategies were used to develop ideas? (description, narration, process analysis, compare and contrast, cause and effect, etc.) (see more in Rhetorical Strategies attachment)
  • How is the text organized, and why do you think the author chose this particular organizational pattern? Is there a particular format that is used?
  • Why do you think the author included or omitted particular information?
  • What kinds of evidence did the author include to support his/her point of view, and how was that evidence used?Step 3: Decide which rhetorical appeals and strategies you will focus on in your paper. (pick at least 3 strategies)A writer might use many appeals and strategies, but some are more important than others in achieving the writer’s purpose. So you need to be selective; choose those that you think are the most important (or most interesting) and write about them in your body paragraphs.Step 4: Write your paper***Please read the RA Assignment Sheet and Rhetorical Strategies carefully for more details. My major is Accounting and Finance.***When you start writing, make sure following to RA Sample Outline STEP BY STEP. That attachment shows how you should start and end each paragraph and what should included. The essay must answer and analyze each of those question.***1.5 line spacing and at least 1500 words (no matter how many pages),excluding References page. Please do APA format correctly, and do not copy from anywhere. This will need to upload on Turn-it-in.***I also attach a sample essay of Rhetorical_analysis. You will see the format. Please also send me the article that you pick.

Rhetorical Analysis

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