Security Architecture & Design (ISOL-536-01) – First Bi-Term – week7

Security Architecture & Design (ISOL-536-01) – First Bi-Term – week7.

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Urgency and Security

Hello Class! Please respond to BOTH of the following questions:

Question A

  • What role does “urgency” play in regard to the security interface?

Question B

Each week, research a unique news story or article related to Information Security/Information Technology. Post a summary of what you learned to the discussion thread, please also provide a link to the original article. Source is your choice; however please fully cite your source.

Please respond to the initial question by day 4 and be sure to post two additional times to peers and/or instructor by day 7. The initial post by day 4 should be 75 to 150 words, but may go longer depending on the topic. If you use any source outside of your own thoughts, you should reference that source. Include solid grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling.

Please write responses for two students, once you post the discussion, i will give students posts you need to respond them with 150 – 200 words.

Security Architecture & Design (ISOL-536-01) – First Bi-Term – week7

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