This is a paper.

This is a paper..

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Per our course syllabus(I have upload), I made note that each of you would have a term paper due before Midterm. The only other point I made on the syllabus regarding this paper was that it had to relate to your M.Pr.S area of specialization. Naturally, the paper must also relate to something legitimately within the sphere of our course.

I also recommend you consider the following guidelines:

  1. It is a loathsome process writing about something you care very little about.
  2. It is more productive to engage in research that advances your knowledge beyond this or any course.
  3. It is valuable for you and others when your research addresses a problem or issue that has genuine ramifications for a group, organization, or community (i.e., something larger than yourself).
  4. It is not always the case that the more sources you have the better your research is but I would expect no less than 15 valid sources from valid academic or professional journals. You may cite books, newspapers or other sources but at a minimum I expect what I just presented.
  5. It is not the case that more is better but more content is certainly better than less content. However, thoroughness of content is best.
  6. A research paper represents professional/scholarly work. Your work will be American Psychological Association (APA) compliant and written in the third person. If you are not familiar with the APA style, please visit the Purdue OWL (Links to an external site.) online.
  7. Least 2 pages.

This is a paper.

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