Tracking report

Tracking report.

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  1. Technology Department Mgmt

The following procedures are essential to keep track of student records:

Processing Grades and Student Records, Managing Student Information Systems and Document Imaging and Management. Compile a tracking report and explain which steps you would follow to keep grades and/or records secure and substantiate your choices with theory.

  • Textbook: Frazier, M., & Hearrington, D. (2017)

    Chapter 2 (42): Selecting Digital Learning Tools and Resources, Selecting and Evaluating Hardware and Other Devices, Purchasing ProcessChapter 3 (91): Technology Life-Cycle Management, Systems Support, Security and Protection, Technology Supported Teaching and Learning InitiativesChapter 5 (148): Processing Grades and Student/Trainee Records, Student Information Systems, Document Imaging and Management

  • Item

    Recommended Readings

    What is digital citizenship?, M. (2004). The Need for a Strategic Foundation for Digital Learning and Knowledge Management Solutions. Electronic Journal of E-learning, 2(1), 31-42.

Tracking report

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