Week 8 Discussion: Food Waste (John Oliver Segment)

Week 8 Discussion: Food Waste (John Oliver Segment).

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  • Initial post due Wednesday by 11:59pm. (300+ words)
  • Response to TWO classmates due Friday by 11:59pm. (100-150 words)

This week we are starting to look at the videos attached to Essay 2 on the topic of Food Waste. Please watch the following segment from John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, and answer the questions for the video.


  1. What is the speaker’s main argument? Or what is his thesis?
  2. Name at least 3 specific examples/pieces of evidence he uses to support his argument? What kind of evidence does he provide to prove his point? Were you surprised by his findings? What does he claim is happening in the United States? Why?
  3. What was the biggest takeaway that you had from this video? What interested or shocked you the most?
  4. John Oliver uses humor to present a very important issue, food waste: why do you think he chooses to present the information in such a way?
  5. What might be Oliver’s purpose for using humor in this segment? Is his use of humor successful?
  6. Are you guilty of food waste? What was the last thing you threw away (food-wise)? Could it have been eaten?

“Food Waste: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”

Week 8 Discussion: Food Waste (John Oliver Segment)

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